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Criminal Defense

Welcome to Harkness Law Firm’s Criminal Defense Services. Based in Okemos, MI, our experienced team of criminal defense attorneys is dedicated to providing robust legal representation for individuals facing criminal charges. We understand the stress and uncertainty that accompany criminal accusations and are committed to protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

Why Choose Us:

At Harkness Law Firm, we bring a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Michigan’s criminal justice system. Our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully defending clients against a wide range of criminal charges. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention, strategic defense strategies, and unwavering support throughout the legal process. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our goal is to ensure your rights are protected and your case is handled with the utmost care.

Why Choose Us for your criminal defense:


Expert representation for individuals charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or operating while intoxicated (OWI), including challenging breathalyzer and field sobriety tests.

Drug Offense

Defense against charges related to drug possession, distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking.

Assault & Battery

Representation for those accused of assault, battery, domestic violence, and related offenses.

Theft & Property Crime

Legal defense for charges of theft, burglary, larceny, embezzlement, and other property crimes.

White-Collar Crimes

Defense for white-collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, and other financial offenses.


Assistance with the expungement process to clear your criminal record and improve your future opportunities.

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If you are facing criminal charges, you need a dedicated and experienced defense team on your side. Contact The Harkness Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with our skilled criminal defense attorneys. Let us provide the strong defense you need to protect your rights and secure your future.

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